Why You Need To Eye Up This liner – Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

As a girl who wears liquid liner on a regular basis it was time to try the award winning Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and see if this was to be added to the ever growing collection in my make-up bag.

Cat eyes are one of my favourite make-up looks. It’s classy, strong and wearable both during the day and night. The only thing is, as a perfectionist, it doesn’t matter that I have used liquid liner religiously for the last 10 years, it is always a challenge to make the eyes perfectly even. So the right product is very much needed to create a symmetrical, bold look. And this is why KVD Tattoo Liner in the colour Trooper is up there as one of my favourites.


It’s so easy to apply and the point on the pen is so fine it gives me the opportunity to start thin and go as thick as I want, giving me more control over the look I want to create. No clumping, bleeding or smudging, and the stay power is amazing!


It’s never flattering when your eye make-up looks tired towards the end of the day and you need to touch up your liner because it has started to disappear, but not once have I had to go through that rigmarole with this eye liner, I can see why it’s award winning!

Would I recommend this product? Yes, however my only disappointment is that for me, I like my eyeliner to be very bold and black, I do find myself applying 2 coats when I first put it on, but maybe I am being a little to light handed when applying.


Sarah and Lucy x

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