Why Every Make-up Bag Needs The NYX Eye Palette

With so many products out there the fun of experimenting with different brands and eye shadows never ends. We love to mix up our make-up kit but its always nice to have the go-to products that work well and we can rely on on a daily basis.

NYX eyeshadow palette

With a palette it’s great to have a mixture of natural, everyday colours and deeper shades to let you go that little bit wilder. The NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette is one of our favourites (just check out our videos and how much we use it!). The “Smokey & Highlight” set is perfect handbag size for those little touch ups when your on the go. Colours range from matte to metallic and soft to dark meaning there is never an excuse not to need it. One of the reasons this is a huge hit with us is that you have a great selection of browns, greens, purples and blues and not just sixteen shades of all the same colour. So because of this a whole look can be created as you can highlight, shade and add your pop of colour to your eyes!

NYX eyeshadow palette

We have used each square in the NYX palette which is great, because normally the favourites run out and then you’re left with the colours that you don’t use and can’t bring yourself to throw them away. Let’s face it, chucking make-up in the bin is hard to do!

Sarah & Lucy x

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