Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Hello Himalayan Glow Mask and welcome into our lives, because after the first application we won’t be stopping there and if we are totally honest, we can’t wait to sit back and pop this mask on again (and again and again)! The smell alone is enough to make it hard to resist. With the beautifully rich texture filled with tea tree oil, bamboo charcoal and fragments of green tea leaves it’s like your skin is having it’s own little spa treatment.


We found the tingling sensation of the mask on our skin only lasts momentarily and once the product has hardened it gets to work on sorting out the impurities that day to day life has given us. To help leave our skin feeling soft and smooth the mask simply scrubs off with warm water, acting like an exfoliator and really working into the pores.

Helpful tip; use a dark flannel to remove the product, the charcoal is hard to remove from light colours.

Ideally this glow mask suits oily skin best as it is designed to absorb excess oil.

Oh and you know with The Body Shop that they are against animal testing, and it’s 100% vegan!

Our verdict: 9/10

Yay for healthy, glowing skin!

Sarah & Lucy

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