Arbonne Review – RE9 Advanced

Cruelty free, high quality and skin loving… Just 3 reasons why Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced range has made such a positive impact, not just to my skin, but also my confidence with being bare-faced and au natural!

Thanks to Fran Cousans, one of Abronne’s independent consultants, I spent just over a week trialing out 7 different RE9 Advanced products, and I have to say I was not disappointed.

I haven’t used Arbonne before and in all honesty I didn’t think a week would give me long enough to see results from these gluten free, vegan free products. BUT, as the week went on I found my skin become more hydrated and smooth to touch.

I did have a concern… I constantly suffer with blemishes around my chin and I know, being a girl and these hormones can be hard work right? Well after the first couple of days I found that my skin was struggling and the redness became quite prominent. Fran explained that the products go further than just the surface and really work into the skin, drawing out any impurities (like the difference between vacuuming and hiring a carpet cleaner in for a deep clean!). After a little patience the results began to show and my face calmed down and started clearing up.



Naked face pictures to show you the results, Bye bye spotty chin and tired eyes!


Smoothing Facial Cleanser – Out of the 7 products this was the only one I struggled with, I found it a little too strong for my skin.

Regenerating Toner – Alcohol free and perfectly refreshing, a little like my skin had an invigorating wake-up call.

Intensive Renewal Serum – Designed to protect the skin, great texture and felt lovely working it in, full of antioxidants. Ideal to use after the toner.

Corrective Eye Cream – Just a small amount needed! This product has lasted me the longest and is beautifully delicate on the eyes. I found the darkness under my eyes subsided.

Restorative Cream SPF 20 – Love the smell and has the consistency of sun cream, it is a little thicker than what i am used to but my skin really benefited once absorbed in.

Extra Moisture Restorative Cream SPF 20 – Acts as a great hydrating boost, very similar to the restorative cream.

Night Repair Cream – I applied this each night and I really noticed results in the morning, especially around my forehead where I suffer the most.

Overall I felt that this range gave great results without me having to work hard for it. There’s no over powering smell so you know that not anything and everything has not been pumped into the products, no style over substance here!

Love Sarah (and Lucy) x

Interested in Arbonne? Talk to Fran Cousans

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